• First Line Hydraulics Sdn Bhd. Is established in year 2000, providing ONE STOP Hydraulic Services.
  • Specialized in consultation & designing, installation & adjustment, servicing & repairing through diagnostic troubleshooting of hydraulic systems & components.

We can meet all the hydraulic requirements from various industrials:

Agriculture :
  • Design, fabrication and installation of Power Pack System.
  • Trouble - shooting, servicing and maintenance of existing hydraulic equipment.
Quarry & Construction :
  • Servicing hydraulic system of mobile equipment inclusive of Excavator, Road Compactor, Paver, Concrete Mixer Truck, Crane, ETC.
  • Conversion of oil model and obsolete hydraulic pump or motor to current existence model
  • Repair/Adjust the pressure test for hydraulic pumps and motors.
  • Repair and Rebuild hydraulic cylinder.
Marine / Offshore :
  • Provide experienced and qualified personnel to conduct trouble - shooting and servicing of winches, cranes and power system, ETC.
  • Complete installation and renewal of hydraulic piping inclusive of flushing pressure test to IMCO standard.
  • Design, fabrication and installation of winches, valve actuator and power pack system.
Forestry  :
  • Repair all source of hydraulic components such as Hydraulic Main Pump & Pilot System, Valve Bank, Travel Motor and Swing Motor & Swivel Joint.
  • Check / Rebuild any worn out parts.
Earth Moving  :
  • Troubleshooting, servicing & maintenance of existing hydraulic equipment.
  • Repair & rebuild hydraulic cylinder / any worn out parts.
Heavy Material Handling :
  • Repair & Rebuild Hydraulic Pump Swivel Joint.
  • Troubleshooting, servicing and maintenance of existing hydraulic equipment.


  • Well - Trained Technicians are both experience & knowledgeable in Workshop and Field Service Job.
  • Providing you a reliable yet professional service in terms of designing & consultation in hydraulic system, trouble-shooting, installation, commissioning & modification of hydraulic system and testing.
  • Component Exchange Program is available to help both sides in reducing equipment’s down time.
  • Our sufficient spare parts stock plus with worldwide supplier net can help you to minimize service’s time and cost.
  • Period updated technical & service data plus with training courses program allowing us to catch up with the latest technology in Hydraulic industry.
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